Smart Wallet® by Storus® As Seen On TV carbon fiber RFID blocking card holder money clip wallet minimalist pocket wallet for men.
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Storus® Smart Wallet® Carbon Fiber RFID Card Holder Money Clip pocket wallet - both sides shown side by side. Clip shown with money

Smart Wallet® As Seen On TV

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    Smart Wallet® by Storus® is a patented credit card holder money clip wallet, As Seen On TV. It has a slim minimalist design and fits into a front pants or jacket pocket or purse. It measures 3.4 inches long by 2.1 inches wide x 0.50 inches deep with expandable capability. It is engravable and makes the perfect gift. 
    Features + Benefits:
    • RFID Blocking Technology: protects private information, credit cards, IDs, and driver's license from scanning devices. Ensures safety of private information from identity theft. US GOVT. FIPS 201 APPROVED
    • Design: It is a 2-in-1 product with a traditional style money clip attached to a card holder chamber. The clip can be used to hold dollar bills and receipts. The chamber is used to store credit cards and IDs. The carbon fiber plates are connected with flexible elastic lips to increase or decrease card capacity. Cards will not slip out easily. It has a cut out design for easy removable of cards.
    • Slim + Ultra Light: It is significantly thinner than a traditional leather wallet but can hold up to 12 cards and IDs. It is ultra light and is comfortable in a front pants or jacket pocket making it great for travel.
    • High Quality: It is made from 100 percent real carbon fiber and 304 stainless steel money. It is durable and long lasting. 
    • Customizable:  Engrave it with a name, initials, or sentiment.
    • Great Gift: It makes a great gift for birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Christmas.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews


    Great Gift

    I gave it to my husband for a gift. I got it engraved too. Needless to say, HE LOVES IT!

    Great Product

    This is a really great product! It is small and fits in my front jeans pocket. I love it and will buy more.


    Great wallet

    Guerrieri Smart Wallet

    It was a real pleasure to buy the smart wallet. Service was fast and accurate. I liked the initials on my money clip, very nice styling. Got to talk to the president, inventor and chief of Storus and he was very helpful. Most of all I absolutely love the wallet. After carrying a thick wallet around for years I hardly know I am carrying a wallet. I still need to shed some credit cards, licenses and business cards but it holds almost 20 such items easily and securely. I used epoxy glue to attach two golf ball marker, UAL and USAF. Looks real sharp!! These were my only two employers.

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