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Dry Pouch® - Wallet Size 4" x 4.5"

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Storus® Dry Pouch® is a waterproof storage pouch. It keeps electronics and valuables safe from the Earth's elements. Keep expensive smart phones, cameras, tablets, and recorders dry while enjoying outdoor activities. Dry Pouch is made of ultra durable polyurethane that will not tear even with a shape edge. It is great for camping, boating, kayaking, and more. The Dry Pouch is available in 5 sizes. This Dry Pouch is wallet size and measures 4 inches x 4.5 inches. It includes a neck strap and a carabiner clip.

Features + Benefits:

• Keeps electronics and valuables dry
• Constructed from ultra durable polyurethane
• Will not tear
• Great for outdoor activities
• Includes neck strap and carabiner clip
Measures 4 inches x 4.5 inches


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